ACA Summer School at IIT

BnP Example Data Sets: setup

Here are instructions for working your way through a demonstration of BnP on the computers in the computer laboratory. You will need to be logged into one of the computers on LS112.

  1. Change the focus policy within your X-Windows operations. The default is "Focus Always Follows Mouse"; what is needed is "Focus Follows Mouse". To change this:
    1. Bring up and click on your KDE menu from the lower lefthand corner of the desktop. If it isn't visible when you begin, just pass your mouse close to the bottom of the screen and the KDE menu will appear, ghostlike, at the corner.
    2. Click on Control Center.
    3. Click on Desktop
    4. Click on Window Behavior
    5. Change the Window Behavior from Focus Always Follows Mouse to Focus Follows Mouse.
  2. Now copy some small data sets into a local directory where BnP can work more rapidly. Your local directory will be on /scratch, which is a partition on the local drive on your computer. For this example I'm pretending that you want your own directory on /scratch to be called fredstuff; you should use a name that is meaningful to you. Note the dot on step "d" below; if you leave it out (or omit the space before it) the procedure won't work.
  3. Now move to the directory where the first dataset is and invoke BnP:
  4. At this point you're actually running the BnP application and the processes that it can launch. Bill or your TA will explain how to work with that. Good luck!