ACA Summer School 2007: Schedule

Schedule as of Thursday 19 July 2007

n.b. Please re-check this schedule periodically. It will change on an almost-daily basis throughout the school! As of today many speakers are not confirmed.

Schedule for the First Week:

Date Time Activity Contributors Locations
Monday 9 July    
  1200-1300 Lunch   MTCC
  1300-1315 Welcome from IIT. C. Segre LS111
  1315-1415 Safety; Purposes A. Howard LS111
  1415-1500 Break for Late Checkin   LS lobby and MSV
  1500-1700 Lattices and Symmetry J. Kaduk LS111
  1700-1830 Dinner Break   MTCC
  1830-1930 Tour and Lab Introduction grad assts LS112, LS311
Tuesday 10 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   Life Science Lobby
  0900-1030 Scattering and Diffraction J. Kaduk LS111
  1030-1045 Morning Break   LS lobby
  1045-1145 Synchrotron Radiation A. Howard LS111
  1145-1300 Lunch Break   MTCC
  1300-1530 Lab I grad assts LS112, LS311
  1530-1545 Afternoon Break   LS 111
  1545-1645 Lab II grad assts LS112, LS311
  1645-1745 Conventional X-Ray Sources A. Howard LS111
Wednesday 11 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   Life Science Lobby
  0900-0950 Laboratory III Grad Assts LS112, LS311
  1000-1045 X-GEN Demo A. Howard LS111
  1045-1110 Laboratory IV Grad Assts LS112, LS311
  1110-1210 Cryo-Crystallography A. Howard/J. Pflugrath LS111
  1210-1310 Lunch Break   MTCC
  1310-1420 Data Processing A. Howard/J. Pflugrath LS111
  1420-1540 Afternoon Break   Life Science Lobby
  1540-1630 X-GEN demo 2 A. Howard LS112, LS311
  1640-1730 Laboratory V Grad Assts LS112, LS311
  1730-1900 Biologue Event   Yacht Club
  1930-2030 Transmembrane Protein Structure C. Jeffery LS111
Thursday 12 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   Life Science Lobby
  0900-0950 Lab V Grad Assts LS112, LS311
  0950-1000 Morning Break   LS lobby
  1000-1050 Structure-based Drug Design C. Abad-Zapatero LS111
  1100-1200 Fiber Diffraction J. Orgel LS 111
  1200-1300 Lunch Break   MTCC
  1300-1830 APS Tour and Training Almost All LS → APS
  1830-1930 Free Time    
  1930-2030 Synchrotron Data Collection A. Howard LS111
Friday 13 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   LS 116
  0900-1050 Lab VI Grad Assts LS311,LS112
  1050-1100 Morning Break   LS lobby
  1100-1200 Lab VII Grad Assts. LS116
  1200-1300 Lunch Break   MTCC
  1300-1545 Lab VII Group III, IV LS311,LS112
  1300-1900 LS-CAT Data Collection Group I,II LS311,LS112
  1545-1600 Afternoon Break   LS 116
  1930-2030 Crystal Screening J. Cary LS116
Saturday 14 July    
  0815-0930 Continental Breakfast   LS 111
  0930-1030 Introduction to Phasing A. Howard/J. Rose LS111
  1130-1800 SER-CAT Data Collection All students APS Sector 22

Schedule for the Second Week:

Date Time Activity Contributors Locations
Sunday 15 July    
  0000-2399 Free Time  
Monday 16 July    
  0930-1015 Automated Structure Determination Z.Q. Fu LS111
  1030-1140 Macromolecular Phasing W. Furey LS111
  1145-1245 Lab VIII Grad Assts LS112,LS311
1250-1350 Lunch all MTCC
  140-1500 Macromolecular Direct Methods with BnP W. Furey LS111
  1510-1610 Lab IX TA's LS112,LS311
  1620-1715 Lab X TA's LS112,LS311
  1715-1900 Dinner Break    
  1900-2000 Molecular Replacement R. Walter LS111
Tuesday 17 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   LS111
  0900-1005 Density Modification W. Furey LS111
  1010-1110 Anomalous Scattering Z. Dauter LS111
  1110-1120 Morning Break   LS111
  1120-1225 Small-angle X-ray Scattering T. Irving LS111
1225-1315 Lunch   MTCC
  1315-1415 Interpreting the International Tables Z. Dauter LS 111
  1415-1515 Lab XI    
  1515-1530 Afternoon Break   LS 111
  1530-1610 Noncrystallographic Symmetry W. Furey LS 111
  1645-1740 Structural Studies of Phase Transitions I. Vorontsov LS111
  1900-2000 Construct Design R. Walter LS111
Wednesday 18 July    
  0910-1020 X-Ray Spectroscopy G. Bunker LS111
  1030-1135 Molecular Replacement A. Howard LS111
1145-1230 Lunch   MTCC
1315-2200 APS Data Collection Group 1,2,3,4 TBA@APS
Thursday 19 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   LS111
  0900-1000 Pharmaceutical Crystallization A. Myerson LS111
  1000-1100 Time-resolved Crystallography S. Anderson LS111
  1100-1200 Radiation Damage G. Rosenbaum LS111
1200-1245 Lunch   MTCC
1330-1800 GM/CA-CAT Data Collection Groups 1 and 4 Michael Becker, sector 23
1330-1800 SBC-CAT Data Collection Groups 2 and 3 Norma Duke, Frank Rotella, sector 19
Friday 20 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   LS116
  0900-0950 Combined Techniques M. Becker LS111
  1000-1055 Small-Molecule Crystallography C. Campana / S. Wilson LS111
  1100-1200 Lab XII Grad Assts LS112
  1200-1300 Lunch Break   MTCC
  1300-1430 Lab XIII Grad Assts LS112
1430-1530 TBA   LS116
1530-1730 Lab XIV Grad Assts LS112
1730-1900 Reception F. Kancauski,S. Howard LS Lobby
Saturday 21 July    
  0815-0900 Continental Breakfast   LS111
  0900-1000 Structural Genomics TBA LS111
  1000-1100 Wrapup and student questionnaire A. Howard LS111
  1100 Adjournment and Cleanup   LS111,112,120

Speakers and Institutions

Abbreviation Full Name Institution
C. Abad-Zapatero Cele Abad-Zapatero Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, University of Illinois Chicago
S. Anderson Spencer M. Anderson Life Sciences CAT, Northwestern University
G. Bunker Grant B. Bunker Physics Div., BCPS Dept., Illinois Institute of Technology
J. Cary James R. Cary Northern Illinois University
Z. Dauter Zbyszek Dauter National Institutes of Health
Z.Q. Fu Zheng-Qing (Albert) Fu SER-CAT/University of Georgia
W. Furey William F. Furey Pharmacology Dept., University of Pittsburgh
A. Howard Andrew J. Howard Biology Div., BCPS Dept., Illinois Institute of Technology
T. Irving Thomas C. Irving Biology Div., BCPS Dept., Illinois Institute of Technology
C. Jeffery Constance Jeffery Dept. of Biological Sciences, Lab. for Molecular Biology, University of Illinois Chicago
J. Kaduk James A. Kaduk INEOS Technologies
A. Myerson Allan S. Myerson Chemical Engineering Dept. and Provost, Illinois Institute of Technology
J. Orgel Joseph Orgel Biology Div., BCPS Dept., Illinois Institute of Technology
J. Pflugrath James W. Pflugrath Dir. Structural Biology, Rigaku MSC
J. Rose John P. Rose Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Georgia
G. Rosenbaum Gerd Rosenbaum Structural Biology Center, Argonne National Lab
I. Vorontsov Ivan Vorontsov Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine