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Lecture Notes from the 2008 ACA School

New notes will be placed here as they become available, so check back.

Topic Speaker Date Delivered
Core Lectures
Safety; Purposes pdf ppt A. Howard 14 July 2008
Lattices and Symmetry pdf ppt WRL files J. Kaduk 14 July 2008
Scattering and Diffraction pdf ppt J. Kaduk 15 July 2008
Synchrotron Radiation pdf ppt G.Bunker/A. Howard 15 July 2008
Conventional X-ray Sources pdf T.Morrison/A.Howard 16 July 2008
Introduction to Phasing I pdf ppt A. Howard/J. Rose18 July 2008
Introduction to Phasing II pdf ppt A. Howard/J. Rose21 July 2008
Macromolecular Phasing pdf ppt W. Furey 21 July 2008
Molecular Replacement pdf ppt R. Walter 21 July 2008
Density Modification pdf ppt W. Furey 22 July 2008
Anomalous Scattering pdf ppt Z. Dauter22 July 2008
Twinning pdf ppt Z. Dauter22 July 2008
Noncrystallographic Symmetry pdf ppt W. Furey22 July 2008
Practical Lectures
Cryocrystallography pdf ppt A. Howard/J. Pflugrath 16 July 2008
Data Processing pdf ppt A. Howard/J. Pflugrath 16 July 2008
Synchrotron Data Collection pdf ppt A. Howard 17 July 2008
Direct Methods with BnP pdf ppt W. Furey21 July 2008
Model-Building with WinCoot
Lysozyme Sequence file
PDB file of WarpNTrace effort
MTZ file of WarpNTrace effort
J. Cary 22 July 2008
Interpreting International Tables pdf ppt Z. Dauter22 July 2008
Construct Design ppt R. Walter 22 July 2008
Radiation Damage pdf ppt G. Rosenbaum24 July 2008
Transmembrane Protein Structure pdf ppt C. Jeffery 16 July 2008
Structure-Based Drug Design pdf ppt C. Abad-Zapatero17 July 2008
Fiber Diffraction J. Orgel17 July 2008
Automated Structure Determination pdf ppt Z.Q. Fu21 July 2008
Small-Angle X-ray Scattering ppt T. Irving22 July 2008
Structural Studies of Phase Transitions I. Vorontsov22 July 2008
X-Ray Spectroscopy G. Bunker23 July 2008
Small Molecule Crystallization pdf ppt A. Myerson24 July 2008
Dynamic Crystallography pdf ppt S. Anderson24 July 2008
Combined Techniques pdf ppt M. Becker25 July 2008
Small-Molecule Crystallography pdf ppt C. Campana/S. Wilson 25 July 2008